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This table can be used as a guide to selecting the appropriate curve for your particular application. Select either the standard engine specification, or if you have a distributor with a curve that works well already, you can read the Lucas service number from the side of the distributor body to match.

Lucas Service number 123/MG setting application
40510 0 1956-59 MGA 1500, 1959-62 MGA 1600, Lotus MK IX, 1955-56 MG Magnette ZA
40897 2 MGB Engines 18G,18GA,18GB,18GD,18GG(HC) 18GF,18GH,18GJ
40916 1 MGB Engines 18G,18GA,18GB,18GD, 18GG (LC)
41032 8 MGB 18V engines ( HC)
41155 2 MGB Engines 18GF, 18GH, 18GJ HC
41234 9 MGB Engines 18V779F, 18V780F Austin 1800 HC, Marina 1.8, Morris 1800 MK III, Wolseley 18/85 auto
41288 6 MGB Engines 18V581F,18V582F,18V583F, 18V581Y,18V582Y,18V583Y (HC)
41290 7 MGB Engines 18V581F,18V582F,18V583F, 18V581Y,18V582Y,18V583Y (LC)
41339 3 MGB 18GK Engines (LC)
41370 4 MGB Engines 18G584Z,18G585Z
41391 9 MGB 18V LC, Reliant TW9B and TW9C, Austin 1800 HC, Marina 1.8, Morris 1800 MK III, Wolseley 18/85 auto
41491 5 MGB Engines 18V672Z,18V673Z (LC)
41599 B  MGB Engines 18V797AE,18V798AE  1976 Austin Marina and 1975 Federal MGB
41600 D  MGB Engines 18V801AE[CC],18V802AE[CC]
41610 A  MGB Engines 18V846F, 18V847F
41643 D  MGB Engines 18V801AE[CC],18V802AE[CC] California
41692 C  MGB Engines 18V892AE,18V893AE
41693 E  MGB Engines 18V883AE[CC],18V884AE[CC]
41695 F  MGB Engines 18V890AE[CC],18V891AE[CC] 


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